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Why Us

Pay for what you require
Simply purchase the credits you require, our basic package that allow you to send cards to 100 recipients is just at $54 USD. Usually, to customize an animated eCard with personalization and sending application would cost you at least 1000USD.

Setup Immediately
You can send off the cards instantly after your signup. We do not require 3-10 days for fixing your logo into the cards.

Design for Business
All our card design and message are professionally crafted for businesses. They are brand with your corporate logo and can be linked to your website. You can even make it look like it is hosted on your website.

Upload your Address Book and send 200 recipients in 10 mins
Simply export your address book from your Outlook Express or any mail client and upload the list in CSV format. You can personalize and send to 200 clients and friends in just 10 mins. Its easy and convenient. Your recipients will receive card with their name printed on the card.

99% Readable Solution
We include several ways of picking up. Your recipients will get an email with the static display of the animated card you sent. They can 1) click on the link, 2) click on the card, 3) copy and paste the string of URL onto their browser. In the event they have flash player disable, they will be directed to a static page display with your personalized message for them. Plus, if your recipients did not pick up the card in certain number of days, our system will send them a reminder.

Different Cards to choose from
You are not limited to 1 card design. You can send different cards to different recipients and for different occasions too. You just need to sign up once with your logo and signature (optional) and every card that you send will have your logo on them.

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